Death of a pigeon 

Today, I was driving on the highway and a pigeon flew down to the bumper of my car and before I knew it my car made contact with it.
The pigeon made eye contact with me right before it got hit then rolled over the top of my car then I watched it roll onto the street, blood splashing out of it as it hit the ground.

I was so traumatized. I’ve never hit a living thing before. The image of the bird flying over my windshield haunts me as well and the THUMP sound it made when I hit it. 

I so badly wanted to stop the car and go see if it survived but there were way too many cars around and people drive like maniacs here, I would’ve died if I left my car or gotten into a car crash if I stopped.  

I just hope this doesn’t cause me to have any bad karma.

#blog #writing #journey #happiness #death #book #roadkill #devastated

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