Thought: beginning 

This week, I’ve been meeting up with a friend to write our books. Our styles are different but our procrastination is what made us decide to write together. And honestly, writing together has really helped us push ourselves and get it done. We’ve only met up twice this week but so far we’ve written a couple chapters. 

We write side by side (literally), we take breaks and exchange laptops to read each other’s work, and we’ve been having a lot of fun. We both feel the same way about writing, so when we finish writing at the end of the day we both feel like we’re on top of the world! Don’t get me wrong, by the time we finish we’re mentally exhausted (which is what leads to the fun) but it’s so worth it.

I feel so good after writing. I feel like I’ve accomplished a major goal everytime I finish a chapter. Writing is definitely what I should be doing with my life. Nothing ever makes me feel as good. Since I’ve started this (even since I started this blog) I’ve been happier than ever and complete. 

I never want to stop.

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