Thought: grateful 

I haven’t posted anything on here in a while…

That’s mostly because I’ve been so submerged into my writing. I love the way my book is going! I feel so satisfied by it. It’s not perfect but it grabs the reader’s attention and so far the feed back I’ve been getting has been very helpful.

This whole project, when writing this blog, has really helped me see that I don’t want to waste anymore time doing anything else with my life. I’ve had to rethink graduate school plans, and I’m okay with that, even if it takes longer for me to finish getting a masters degree. It’s so worth it. All I want to do is write, creatively. 

I feel so…great. I’ve set goals and I’m accomplishing them, and with so much support from family and people who are close to me. I’m so grateful for that. 

This book that I’m writing, honestly, will be dedicated to them.

#blog #writing #journey #happiness #friendship #book #content #goals #grateful

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