Thought: potassium 

Latest update on my illness:

I took a test where they cut pieces of my hair to test it, they called it an “allergy test” but it was just a normal screening to check the levels of minerals/vitamins in my system. 

As it turns out, I have a high level of cobalt and absolutely no potassium in my system. Which is weird because I eat bananas all the time, and I don’t even know how I could have possibly gotten that much cobalt in my system. The “allergist” didn’t speak English well so I barely got an explanation, just a prescription for potassium supplements and vitamin E capsules.

I’m trying the pills out for now. My doctor gets back from his long ass (2 month) vacation next month, I’ll be able to ask him about it then. 

I Googled low levels of potassium and the effects it has on the body. Apparently, it causes dry skin (which I have), nausea  (which I have), bloating/cramping (which I have), numbness (which I have), and so on. Lack of vitamin E can cause digestive issues, among other symptoms. 

This could be the break through I’ve been hoping for, but we’ll see.

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