Thought: promises

When someone breaks a promise it’s always disappointing, what makes it worse though is when a parent breaks one. Especially when you’ve been clinging onto that promise for years, making it your drive and the reason you’ve worked so hard to obviously achieve it.

What makes it worse is when it isn’t the first or even fifth time it’s happened. 

When someone can’t even own up or keep their word, you know that person can’t be trusted. Unfortunately, this is something I never seem to learn since I constantly give this person endless chances and opportunities. It’s a shame they’re wasted and used to constantly disappoint and hurt me. 

For years, I’ve made excuses because I know everything that’s done is out of love and care for my well being, but I can’t excuse it this time. This promise had to do with my future, my life and my career. It’s not something I can easily forgive someone for ripping all of that away from me, proving that my life is in fact not mine at all. 

So why live it? 

Now I have to yet again adjust to the new set of conditions, rules and restrictions. I’m too old for this shit. I’m being smothered (what feels like to death) and honestly, he’s going to lose me. 

#blog #writing #journey #promises #broken #career #life #betrayal #excuses #depression


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