Thought: realization 

Every day I realize more and more how things have changed, and still are changing. 

Things like my daily routine or goals have changed since my friend died. I normally set goals but this is the first time I’ve actually stuck to them. I’m writing my book, learning a new language and writing this blog as well as getting ready to graduate and move away. 

I’ve become more social, I go out a lot but I also have made time for family. I’ve learned to force myself to live more even with my sickness. Before I used to be too afraid to eat or go out if I felt a little off but now I go out regardless. 

I don’t know if I like all the changes in my life, especially since they’ve been so sudden, but I’m going with it. 

If anything, these changes have gotten me moving. For now that’s enough.

#blog #writing #journey #happiness #friendship #book #content #family


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