Thought: sleep deprived 

I can’t sleep. 

It’s been days and I’ve been functioning on 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night. Nothing has changed. I still have a crazy hectic schedule, where I’m taking 21 credits this semester and teaching 6 English labs. 

So, I should be exhausted. And I am. 

Why can’t I sleep?

Normally, I’d pass out once my head hits my pillow. I wake up at 5am every day. But lately, I don’t even yawn. It’s like my mind is always on, it’s constantly running. It won’t even take a moment to consider the possibility of being tired. Just the realization of this should exhaust me, the fact that I’ve had a sinus infection and my body has been struggling with it should exhaust me. But it hasn’t.  

Last Wednesday, Trump became our new US president. And I haven’t been able to sleep. 

I can’t sleep. It’s not that I stay up late thinking about the horrible outcomes to his presidency, but I don’t doubt that it’s taken over my subconscious. 

His presidency could go either way. It could be the best thing ever to happen to the country, really break the system and make a difference. Or it could go horribly wrong and set us back a couple years.

Gay, trans, black and women’s rights would go out the window. And we know this from his campaign. We know this from who his supporters are.

He could end it all with one speech if he wanted to, but hasn’t. Maybe he will.

There is so much hate going on, from both sides. Trump supporters acting out their collected hatred towards Muslims and people of other races, as well as liberals acting out on their hate towards the idea of a Trump presidency. 

The country is suffering. And I can’t sleep. 

The last post I posted was about Spirit Day and how there needs to be less hate in the world. That wasn’t too long ago. 

I hope this doesn’t set our rights, everyone’s  rights back a decade. We can’t afford that. We need to move forward, and more importantly, we need to stand together.

And I need sleep.

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