Thought: spirit day

Happy spirit day everyone!

I’ve always been a supporter of the LGBT community and I will continue to support and help raise awareness against bullying, of any kind towards anyone. 

Being kind to one another is very important. It’s a basic human quality that many people are lacking now a days. Whether it’s because of religion or ignorance or whatever, people are abusive towards each other. This has to stop. 

Bullying effects children. Most kids, especially high school kids commit suicide due to bullying. This isn’t okay.

Things have to change.

I’m so glad that most countries are strict on bullying, fines are being issued to parents who have bullies for children. It’s drastic but necessary because most of the bad qualities kids pick up on come from the adults around them.

Spirit Day is a day where everyone around the world is aware of bullying in the LGBT community. It’s a day where #loveislove pulses through social media. And it’s beautiful. It makes me feel good knowing that there are millions of people trying to change the world. Even if all they can do is hashtag something. I for one appreciate the gesture.

I’m grateful for the support I get every day by those who love me. I wish everyone was this lucky.

#blog #writing #journey #happiness #friendship #spiritday #nobullying #LGBT

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