Thought: life

Negativity is every where. In the air around me. Constantly choking me. I breathe it in and it consumes me. 

Stuck here? Not for long. One way or another I will leave this hellish place. I’d just prefer sooner than later. 

It bothers me that no matter how much effort I put it, no matter how hard I try, something knocks me flat on my ass again. Like a constant reminder that this life isn’t mine. I don’t control it. I don’t get to decide what’s done with it. 

I’m just a vessel. 

Cold. But not hollow. I’m bursting with life and possibility. Dreams. I want to be a writer so bad, I’m determined to finish my novel. Crushed that a creative writing program rejected me. They didn’t even give me a chance let alone an explanation. 

Life. Shit happens. Goals. I’ll accomplish them. 

Or die trying. 


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