Thought: I fucking love you

We have our bad days. I vent. I lose my shit. But damn, I love you regardless of anything you do. I love you regardless of our problems, our issues, our tempers and our mistakes. We make mistakes. We’re human. I love you. 

You, you sweet soul, are amazing. I adore you. You’re kind hearted, always seeing the good in people kind of person. Always seeing the good in all the horrible things I say and do. You beautiful, special person. I love you. 

Just the thought of not having you in my life breaks me. Our problems crush me sometimes but it’s only cuz the thought of losing this scares the crap out of me. I have issues. I’ve got problems. I’m emotional. Trust me, I know. Whatever you think you know about yourself, I’m about to show you how little you know. I fucking love you. 

We drive each other crazy. There really isn’t any limit to how far we would go. We’re emotional. We have issues. We make mistakes. We’re human. I love you regardless. 

Always and forever. 

You fight to the death for me. That’s something no one ever does. And you fight for everyone, good or bad, if they have a pulse and they’re in need you’re there. Selfless. Even if sometimes you can be selfish. Amazing. Every part of your soul. I love it and you, more than you’ll know. 

There’s a light inside you. It drew me straight to you. Like a moth to a flame. I couldn’t stay away. It pulled me in. Three years later, and I’m still here. Loving you more and more each day. There’s something about you. This light. It’s special. 

I never met anyone like you. 

There’s so much good in you. The most beautiful part of that is you don’t even know it. Humble. Sweet. Just everything good in this world. All bundled up into one soul, one body, one mind. You. 

My God, I fucking love you. 

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Starwars day

May the 4th be with you #starwarsday

I can’t explain how much starwars means to me…it’s an obsession. I’ve always wanted to get something related tattooed on me, which will in fact be my next tattoo!

I found this great picture on Google, art work isn’t mine.

Thought: I should just stop

The first conversation of the day, our first conversation, every day, breaks me. 

Your mood. You’re sleep deprived. You’re angry. You’re busy. You’re selfish. You’re whatever. All of it, rips through me. 

I’m a mess. I’m dealing with shit. Constantly betrayed. Used. Abused. I don’t have any real friends, and you know it. I know this cuz you throw it in my face every now and then. I’m grieving. I’m a mess. I’m depressed. I’m in need. 

Nothing is ever good enough. Nothing ever gets your attention, enough to put in the work. 

Work. Work. Work. For fucks sake. This takes work. But it’s limited. You know this. You don’t care. Selfish. You take and take and take. I keep giving. I know I should stop. I keep giving. You keep taking.

I have nothing left to give. What would be the point anyway? It’s not enough. Nothing I do is enough. You want more. You want something different. 

You want obedience. A little girl who will sit silently and nod at your every word. Pathetic. That’s not me. It never will be. 

Deal with it. 

Work. It takes work. Real work. Not that pathetic part time shit that’s been thrown at me the past year by you. Seriously. Three years down the road and now you pull away and destroy everything? Now you want freedom, that stench of new pussy got you running. Really? That’s all it takes to get you running. 

Whatever it is, whatever you want, it isn’t me. But you say it is. You swear it is. You get your shit together for a conversation then it’s back to square one the next day, the first conversation we have of that day, every day, it breaks me. 

This never ending cycle of heartache. This abuse. This insanity. 

Be in this completely, or be out. Just be man enough to tell me. 

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Always studying

As a literature student, I always find myself reading and analyzing what I read. I’ve never really had the opportunity to study Portuguese literature, so I’ve been catching up on it. It’s amazing and beautifully written so far. 

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